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As the Tide Came Flowing In

As the Tide Came Flowing In

Through a double handful of poems and one novelette, As the Tide Came Flowing In combs for love, persistence, what wrecks and what remains, what the sea keeps, and what it gives back. There are kelp-ribboned caverns here and the line of bright sky that meets the offing, black weddings and a scattering of pearls. Stark, intricate, deft and queer, Taaffe’s is an invitation to the deep.

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Sonya Taaffe writes about the inner lives and histories of the soul through her gem-like pieces. Hers is a singular voice, as startling and intricate as winter waves crashing ashore. This chapbook is a must read for those of us longing for the salt and the sea-fog and beneath it, the sharpness of truth. —R.B. Lemberg, Nebula, Ignyte, and Locus Award Finalist for The Four Profound Weaves

Sonya Taaffe is my favorite living poet. Her works are so finely honed that I cannot imagine changing one word in this exquisite collection without upsetting their essential balance and beauty. Reading her poems and stories is the sweetest of ways to drown. —Yoon Ha Lee, Locus and Mythopoeic Award-winning author of Ninefox Gambit and Dragon Pearl

Sonya Taaffe’s new collection As the Tide Came Flowing In will submerge you in uncanny wonders, from the clever and multi-layered, hilarious yet world-weary opening poem “Dive” to the sweeping title story, a simultaneously intimate and epic tale of emotional wreckage, spectral gyres and hope surfacing from tragedy. In between, sirens and gods, seabirds and ghost ships, will entrance you as you navigate these pages. —Mike Allen, Shirley Jackson Award-nominated author of Unseaming and Aftermath of an Industrial Accident

No one writes about the sea like Sonya Taaffe—its beauty and mercilessness shown in equal measure, with attention to every detail from the skim of the waves to the crusts of mussels. The poems and the previously unpublished novelette in this chapbook will bring you close and pull you underwater, never content to remain on the surface. In these works, everything is defined in proximity to the ocean—its depths will haunt you even on dry land, and you will in turn haunt others. Allow it to happen! —Bogi Takács, Hugo and Lambda Award-winning author

ISBN: 978-0-578-97228-2
Publication Date: 2022
paperback 64 pages
Publisher: Nekyia Press